3 of our favourite Oliver Mtukudzi 💔Tribute Songs...So far
Oliver Mtukudzi | Source Unknown

3 of our favourite Oliver Mtukudzi 💔Tribute Songs…So far

While we’ve been mourning the loss of the brilliant and ever legendary Oliver Mtukudzi, the creative juices have been flowing for many an artist. These three songs struck the right chords. Balancing between honest sadness, well-thought-out lyricism and opportune timing.

In no particular order, here are our favourite Oliver Mtukudzi tribute songs.

iShan- Tuku Tribute

We really and truly have no idea who iShan is but, we hope someone finds him and fast. His Youtube channel has three tracks of plausible melancholy (except a fire dance track called ‘Too Bad’) which explain why a tribute song was a great idea.

His Tribute incorporates some cute incorporations of some Oliver Mtukudzi favourites. We’re willing to ignore the badly placed and LOUD elephant sound effects because iShan’s voice and instrumental make it worth the listen. This might have been the first tribute that evoked Afro-Pop emotion.

Well done indie kid.
(PS iShan, it’s spelt ‘Mtukudzi’)

CalVin-Tuku Tribute

Calvin gets us in our Hip-Hop feels over Oliver Mtukudzi’s Todii. Touching on social commentary, CalVin spotlights the power of Tuku Music and its ability to unite us as a people. Actually, our only problem with this tribute is it’s too short. But, it’s probably because the Vin wasn’t trying to show off his lyricism. He simply pours out the star-studded inspiration that is and was Oliver Mtukudzi.

Hope Masike – Tinotenda

The Mbira is a very spiritually triggering instrument, I simply believe there are things the instrument says that are below the octave. Hope Masike enjoys this advantage in her tribute. The song encompasses all the elements of grief, disbelief, gratitude and acceptance. On the evening of Oliver Mtukudzi’s passing, Hope sat down and created this song;

” I took my mbira and this is exactly what came out of my heart. This is what I felt at that moment, and I share it with you exactly as it came to me”, she told #ENTHUSE.


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