While we #Pray4Zimbabwe, here are 3 Alternatives to WhatsApp
Photo by Christian Wiediger

While we #Pray4Zimbabwe, here are 3 Alternatives to WhatsApp

So much has happened in Zimbabwe in the past 3 – 4 days it’s made our heads spin! Many have been sent back to the 90s kicking and screaming with nothing but SMS and direct calls for communication. Can anyone say TORTURE?

Now that the internet is on, sans Zimbabwe’s favourite Social Media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and God-help-us, Twitter! We drew a list of some handy alternatives all available on Android and IOS so you can stay in touch with loved ones. 💜

In Google we trust

Make your pick between Google Hangouts, Allo or Duo. These apps are all available on the Play Store RIGHT NOW. Although Google Hangouts will feel very 2012, it does the things that happen including image/video sharing plus video and voice calling. Sounds a lot like WhatsApp to us!
Duo is a lot like Apple’s FaceTime so if you have data to burn and miss the joys of going LIVE on Instagram/ Facebook; this could be the one.

Finally, Allo is just like your smartphone’s texting app but a bit more fun. We recommend you don’t get too attached though…Google will be pulling the plug on Allo this March. Grim.


Viber is a lot like that toy you discard as soon as you come across something shinier and new. As a matter of fact, Viber beat WhatsApp in the game of VOIP calls a long time ago. Despite this, Viber had 800 Million users and some may go as far as to call the app BETTER than WhatsApp. Such blasphemy!    Anyway, Viber is like WhatsApp but it’s purple, better and no-one seems to love it. Viber is that person you friend-zoned… you’re welcome.


Saving the best for last… Telegram has been around just as long as WhatsApp has. Harbouring peace-loving, water drinking mortals who aren’t for the crowded mess WhatsApp is so clearly about. Telegram does all the tricks WhatsApp has faster and more discretely. The Russian application has defied its government through high-end encryption and other technical things the guys from TechZim can probably explain better;

“apparently to block an Instant Messenger like Telegram the government has to block the IP addresses of every server the messenger uses to communicate with the outside world. Telegram essentially kept changing servers and the Russian government couldn’t keep up.

Telegram also uses domain fronting which allows them to effectively host a service on another company’s system whilst effectively hiding the traffic source. This means traffic just appears like it’s coming from Google and censorship becomes that much harder”
– Farai Mudzingwa [TechZim]

Well, there you go. Go out there and flourish kids. Also, stay safe.

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  • Kelvin T Mutize
    17 January 2019 at 14:57
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    Firechat is also another one just, but it needs a lot of people in an area to work.

    • Stephanie Kapfunde
      17 January 2019 at 15:10
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      Thanks for that Kelvin!

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