Ryan Koriya wants us to Jive Because #HapanaChekumirira
Ryan Koriya in Berlin | 📷 Tanya Davidow

Ryan Koriya wants us to Jive Because #HapanaChekumirira

Ryan Koriya is a Zimbabwean Soul Mechanic. That’s right! He’s soothing croon can cure hear-break or cause it depends on how deep it gets. Ryan was last on our radar with the heartwarming travel vlog/music video titled Drowning in Space all about making/finding the human connection in the 21st Century. Now, he has another message and it’s for the motherland and yup! Dancing is involved.

Signed to Indie Ibiza-based record label Runway Vertical, Ryan Koriya has leaked his single via Whatsapp in Zimbabwe. The song is titled ‘Hapana Chekumirira’ and is being released globally on the 21st of December on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

In honour of good vibes, there’s an on-going Hapana Chekumirira Challenge that has spread as Spain and Ryan wants you to be a part of it too! For a chance to be in the final video all you have to do is film yourself doing a proper jive to the catchy song and send it to jive@runwayvertical.com or Whatsapp the video to +447792293570.

Speaking to #ENTHUSE Ryan had some advice for us video vixens to be;

“Let’s show the world how we can dance, so express yourself and don’t hold back” he mused.

Hapana Chekumirira is a feather-light mid-tempo electronic song. Ryan’s vocals in this strangely remind me of the late Andy Brown.

Check out the hashtag on Instagram/Facebook and give the challenge a try because, in the wise words of Ryan Koriya;

“If you don’t tell your own story, someone else will tell it for you!”



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