#RapidReview: #KD2 By Zambia's Keisha Chilufya
Keisha Chilufya

#RapidReview: #KD2 By Zed Soul-Star, Keisha Chilufya

by Emmanuel Bich’ri Mwila Mwiche (@bichriphoto)

Exactly after one year since her last release, Daughter Of Kwesi 1 Ep, Lusaka based Zambian Soul Singer/Poet Keisha Chilufya has dropped a follow-up Ep titled Daughter Of Kwesi 2.0. The EP has 7 songs which all have different producers including Mr Champs on the track that features Zambia’s emerging new wave rapper Kunkeyani Tha Jedi on the track called Light Up. 

After publicly coming out as someone who struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, Keisha wholeheartedly worked on the project and dedicated it to people fighting similar dark battles.

“I’m Kwesi’s daughter but I don’t wanna be like her,

Don’t get me wrong I love momma, but her habit was,

One bottle, 10 bottles, till the last one dropped,

Cancer that robbed me of my momma cause,

She couldn’t stop it,

Lost her control and left me in pieces,

I was only 9 then, her lungs exchanging places with the ashes”


The title Kwesi is after Keisha’s late mother. This EP is about legacy, proving that as Kwesi’s daughter she is capable of reaching greater heights. 

Truthfully speaking, KD 2.0 is my current Favorite Ep right now and is on repeat on my Spotify playlist. 

It is for this reason that after listening to KD2.0, I personally rated it a 4/5.

This is only because no teacher marks 100/100. LOL!

Press PLAY on the KD 2.0 below. 


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