Here Are Our Fave Moments from the #DStvMVCA in Pictures
Sho Madjozi at the DStv Mzansi Viewers' Choice Awards

Here Are Our Fave Moments from the #DStvMVCA in Pictures

Oh Nkosi yami, Saturday night was a flucking lituation!


There was pure electricity at the Sandton International Convention Centre for the second DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards (#DStvMVCA).

From dramatic gowns to edgy hairstyles; we were front row, (well fifth) and centre documenting all the ACTION!

So here are our FAVE moments from South Africa’s night of glamour; 

Sho Madjozi’s ENERGY! 

None of us was ready for what we saw and felt when Sho Madjozi hopped onto the stage with some funky-ass dancers as she performed her current hit Huku! The thought that she had at least two more performances including the MTV Big Picnic that night was the most vexing aspect of her boundless energy. 

Like… iyooo! Iyoooo!


Here Are Our Fave Moments from the #DStvMVCA in Pictures

Bonang Matheba in one of five of her outfits galore

Bonang’s 5 Outfits

While hosting us, the ever vivacious Bonang Matheba certified her queendom one wardrobe change at a time; each outfit glitzier than the last! Speaking of Queens, her very Beyoncé-esque royal headpiece was notable. Also, we need a whole conversation about how Bonang was cool as a cucumber both on and offline. 



Kwesta’s Big Heart 

Kwesta’s performance was the only Hip-Hop performance of the evening and included snips of work from Prokid and HHP. If it’s even possible I’m an even bigger fangirl of Kwesta than I was before! Seems like I wasn’t the only one because the Queen approved. Bonang was quick to talk about Kwesta’s humble nature and ‘promising future’ shortly after as the show continued.



Dimpie Dimpopo’s SCHMOOOD!

This Social Media Rockstar might be the best hype man EVER! It was great seeing him offline and on-stage alongside Maphorisa, Moonchild Sanelly and Zulu Mkhathini as Dimpie Dimpop made his signature random chants adding heat to the somewhat look warm execution of iWalk yePhara.


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Dr Rebecca’s Tribute

Very few 90s kids that grew up in Christian home can boast being spared the shrill yet attention-grabbing vocals of mam’, now Doctor Rebecca Malope every Sunday Morning! In a very well deserved tribute performance, the Awards switched up from twerk to praise in an excuse the pun; firey hits medley. Shortly after, Dr Rebecca Malope’s acceptance speech was teary, so much that the woman with over three decades in Music struggled to compose herself. When she did, she gave glory to God, thanked her family and fans, and paid tribute to those who came before her as well as her peers. Magic!

Here Are Our Fave Moments from the #DStvMVCA in Pictures

Dr Reebs for the win!


Mafikizolo’s still got it 

Mafikizolo edged us closer to the night with a very colourful performance that kicked off with Kwela, Lotto and ended with the age-old House hit, Happiness.  It cemented their role in the growth of Mzansi’s Music beyond the borders as well as their ability to make ‘timeless classics’.

Their performance was so good it had me thinking about why in the hell Mafikizolo don’t they throw this quality of performance whenever they come to Zimbabwe in at least of the five times of every year? 

More on that later… 







Mlindo the Vocalist LIVE 

Although I had tonnes of reservations about Mlindo’s acting skills in the ‘Amablesser’ video, I was super duper psyched to watch the gentleman in person. His vocals over a live band flanked by dramatic choreography his collaboration with Sjava titled Egoli was simply, the icing on a really big cake!

Here Are Our Fave Moments from the #DStvMVCA in Pictures

Mlindo the Vocalist totally redeemed himself


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