Shammah Musiq is a Vibe!

Shammah Musiq is a Vibe!

Zimbabwean Artist Shammah Musiq is a recent find on my musical radar and after meeting this cat only once I must say, he’s quite badass!

His recent offering, a self-titled album, is a rich blend of classics and self-composed gems. Creativity isn’t always about finding something totally new but can be rediscovering elements from old innovations that were never in the limelight. This is what Shammah does with the covers on this record as he takes on some of those old R&B jams that make us want to turn the lights down and get the groove on.

This album isn’t all covers though; it actually boasts a wide collection of original Shammah Musiq tracks.

One song to watch out for is Sisi which is a certified panty-dropper!

One thing I noticed keeps the song well-knit is the percussion and considering Shammah is also a drummer, I’d think to believe that he laid the drums on this record.

Ndashara Iwe brings an urban vibe to the flow of the album with some synth and marimba elements. Shammah Musiq’s album is very mature and being the old soul that I am, I can appreciate that this is a solid take on some grown folks music.

Before I give you a chance to check out the 10-track album yourself, can we discuss the neo-dancehall detail off the track Pon Me

Laying vocals like that on a dancehall track should be breaking some type of commandment like;

thou-shalt-not cause such explosions!

Shammah proves his musical prowess, and you know what? 

 😂😂😂 Ok, I’m done.

Give the bearded vocalist a listen right here and get some chill on.


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