#MumhanziMix : This Weekly Zim Hip Hop Playlist has a Vibe About it
Takura at Zim Fest 2018 | Ubuntugraphy

#MumhanziMix : This Weekly Playlist Could be a Zim Hip-Hop Lifeline

Zimbabwean Music publicists Mumhanzi Media in collaboration with DJ Quincy have decided to fill what they call a gaping hole in what should be the space for Zim Hip Hop Mixes. Mumhanzi is well known for its Zim Hip Hop promotion while DJ Quincy is a South African based Artist who has played across Zim and beyond. 

This initiative hopes to take the Zimbabwean version of Hip Hop to the next level. A definite need considering the genre has been stuck in a rut for the past couple of years. One of the big reasons being suffocating Radio station submission processes. A mixtape could be a quick fix. Globally, DJs like Tim Westwood have been instrumental in breaking out new Brit Hip-Hop talent. Mixtapes from guys like Gangster Grillz kept us up to date on the American Hip-Hop heat.

Can the Mumhanzi Mix do the same to Zim Hip-Hop? 

Only time will tell.

Check out this week’s mix and look out for future mixes on the #MumhanziMix hashtag on social. 



1. Queen Vee – Nobody
2. Cal Vin – Z’khuphan
3. Daley Ft. Splits Loui – Zesa
4. Bryan G – Skiri
5. Asaph – Mambo
6. Mariachi Muzukuru Ft. Jnr Brown – Salisbury
7. Elly Gould – Rouge
8. King Kodini – Cde Tito
9. G Banks Ft. 2Lani – Talk is Cheap
10. Mariachi Mzukuru Ft. Asaph – Ice nemaDrinks
11. Takura – Hona Mandebvu


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