Saying 'Yes' to Victor Stot's #BVUMA
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Saying ‘Yes’ to Victor Stot’s #BVUMA

Mr Composure just hit a quarter-century and he ain’t backing down on his creative endeavours. His new single Bvuma is now up on most digital platforms and as usual, it’s on repeat on my Deezer playlist.

People will never stop singing about love and others will argue that love is everything. No arguments there especially when artists like Victor Stot continue helping us believe in love. The mellow synth this record is anchored on resembles a church-like-melody but does this in a totally fresh vibe. Kudos to Reverb7 for chipping in on the arrangement. The only thing that irked me there was the interlude near the end of the track. I felt it didn’t marry well with the rest of the song. Apart from that, woza summer and wozani bo babes!

This song definitely has me feeling some typa way right now.

It’s like the missing cape I need to be that superhero and go swoop up that lady whose DM I’ve been in for the last couple of weeks. Lest I end up saying way too much, go give the song a listen yourself and make your own decision on whether it’s hot or not!


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