Indigo Saint tells us Why Today is a Good Day to #CheckOnYourFriends
Indigo Saint

Indigo Saint tells us Why Today is a Good Day to #CheckOnYourFriends

Today being World Mental Health Day; Indigo Saint’s Mixtape gives us a reason to give a little bit of love, even to ourselves. The 26-year-old Zimbabwean born Hip Hop artist, Mzwakhiwe Ngwenya’s music reminds us of Andre 3000 seasoned with Soul. We learnt about him from his 2016 drop, The Blunt EPs which was inspired by the tragic loss of his friend to suicide. Since then, Indigo Saint has become a strong Mental Health advocate; his Twitter feed has kept us honest, conscious and forgiving. 

Through his new weekly mixes, Friends Of Indigo. It’s a weekly mix where Indigo Saint shares brand new music that reflects his mood and current vibe. This week, the mix is in honour of World Mental Health Day and is titled ‘Check on your Friends Mix’;

“it’s a journey through varying degrees of insecurities. It is dedicated to mental health awareness and
compassion.” – Indigo Saint

Here’s to protecting your peace, taking care of yourself and offering a listening ear.
Check out Indigo Saint’s Mix here.

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