VIDEO: Tamy & Nutty O Take us to the Cool-Kid-Academy with #LayItDown

Everything is right with Zimbabwean Afro-Fusion Musician Tamy, and her cool kid video. In fact, this may be the shortest music video review in the history of #ENTHUSE! True story, we can’t stop gushing! Tamy’s single has been locally chart-topping for a couple of weeks and features the equally promising talents of Dancehall Artist Nutty O.

In Lay it Down, we see the cool-kid effect often possessed by these collaborators, combined into a fireball of cool.


Well, you need to watch this video to get it.

As usual, Tamy’s styling is crisp, quirky and super Haute couture thanks to Haus of Stone‘s Danayi Chapfika. Nutty O, not to be outdone looks very effortlessly dope in his consistent black turtleneck and chain.

VIDEO: Tamy & Nutty O Take us to the Cool-Kid-Academy with #LayItDownLay it down video is playful, colourful and dabbles with a fair share of permissible cultural appropriation in line with what is fast becoming Tamy’s style. We definitely see how positively Ammara Brown‘s mentorship has rubbed onto Tamy.

In Lay it Down, Tamy is FIERCE!

VIDEO: Tamy & Nutty O Take us to the Cool-Kid-Academy with #LayItDownThe young lady wears her sexy with class. We also see her do a bit of foxy dancing which is nice and features Jibilika’s finest!  Andy Cutta does what he’s sought after for which is all good.  Although some of the weird angles were fun to watch, they did not entirely compliment his subjects.

We dig the location choices too! These include the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and a personal favourite of mine, the Livingstone House foyer in Harare.

Nice touch! 

This great video did not come easy, Tamy told #ENTHUSE;

“The production was pretty hard, it involved a lot of people and we had to brainstorm, it was hectic but was a fun experience…I really enjoyed doing it…there’s more to come”, she said. 

True to its hippy undertones Lay it Down is a lot about love, peace and happiness explained Tamy; 

“what I’m saying be who you are always, do whatever you do to the best of your ability, let’s celebrate ourselves as a society.”

Before our rumour mill had even started Tamy was quick to family-zone the ABX, Nutty O; 

VIDEO: Tamy & Nutty O Take us to the Cool-Kid-Academy with #LayItDown

“it was a nice to compliment for each other…Nutty O is like a big brother, his energy is great and it lights up a room”

If you haven’t already, click play and check out Tamy’s new offering!

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