Bustoptv's #ComedyTick felt a lot Like a Group Therapy Session...
Maggie | Zezuru Creatives

Bustop TV’s #ComicTick felt a lot Like a Group Therapy Session…

But that’s okay, and here’s why…

We’re proud of Zimbabwean Creative Lucky Aaroni and his crew. Thanks to them; we’ve been able to tap into the funny side of Zimbabwe’s Social Commentary on Politics, Celebrity Scandals or any other relateable banter. 

This Kwese iFlix inspired live recording was no different! Hosted in Harare at the Nicoz Diamond Theatre on a Saturday night; the three-hour show featured a lot of what’s right about Zimbabwean Comedy right now. Sadly, it also reminded us of what is wrong with our lives and country.

Basically, the night was like a therapy orgy.

Bustoptv’s Maggie took to the stage and comically detailed her life as a single mum. The comedienne though a great skit artist is still sharpening her stand up. It was hard not to enjoy the somewhat nervous rawness in her narration. Her story though funny was a bit sad too. Deadbeat dads suck and single mums need sex too! Where is the love? 

Bustoptv's #ComedyTick felt a lot Like a Group Therapy Session...

Ntando van Moyo | Zezuru Creatives

It was a welcomed surprise when Bulawayo’s fave Ntando van Moyo took to the stage offering an interesting alternative dynamic of blended family and marrying across tribal lines. It was hard to not enjoy his head-on take on Ndebele stereotypes. Also, his deliberate mispronunciation of Shona words was a great touch. When he was done, we kinda hoped that his blended family would work out and that one day they could afford a nanny to mind the kids so he and the new lady could get it on… fuck, it just occurred to me that these comics were plenty about sex. 

Well, I did say therapy orgy so it figures. 

Bustoptv's #ComedyTick felt a lot Like a Group Therapy Session...

Munya | Zezuru Creatives

Munya, whose full name could be anything at this point from Munyaradzi to Munyaviri to Munyama; gave what I term a glimmer of hope for femme representation in Zimbabwean Comedy! In a cool-soft-Brit-accent, she hit a little too close to home with some big-girl jokes including, what I have learnt is the universal struggle of getting onto a bar stool.





Comedians Kadem and Bustoptv’sleading lady Gonyeti owned the crowd who cheered frantically and when they each made it to the stage. The later didn’t perform but was on the receiving end of a few jokes and rosts from fellow comics.

Bustoptv's #ComedyTick felt a lot Like a Group Therapy Session...

Tinaye| Zezuru Creatives

When the young Comic Tinaye left the stage in mid-set it just reminded me of the fuckery of it all. Comics have a ridiculously big responsibility, standing in front of strangers, making light of things they’d rather not talk about for one. It could have been talking about his ex, the ridiculous number of cameras in his face or the silence of the expectant crowd. Whatever it was, the magical connection of entertainer and audience was activated. There were murmurs;

“Angela why??”

“is he going to be alright?”

“aww come on out Tinaye, you can do it!”

These were coupled with some cheers and claps, all to coax him to no avail. 

Michael K, better is known for his legendary place in Zimbabwean Comedy as well as skit work for Zambezi TV  hosted the event very gracefully. Despite the handful of loud and drunk hecklers in the audience, he held the show together with some effortless charm and hilarious interludes. For a moment we were distracted until the host announced Tinaye’s return. With feigned defiance he made it on stage and did his set like a firecracker, I was torn for him so missed a chunk of the jokes. The crowd gave a roar of applause third only to Kadem and Louis the Prince; it was a truly emotional thing to watch. 

Bustoptv's #ComedyTick felt a lot Like a Group Therapy Session...

Louis the Prince | Zezuru Creatives

Yes, the Bustoptv Comic Tick live recording was a lot like a Group Therapy session, we saw the vulnerabilities, talents and absolute magic of our entertainers. And that, in my opinion, expressed in the words of Michael K means; 

“the future of Zimbabwe’s Comedy is in safe hands.” 


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