No Loose Ends on Major Lazer, Mr Eazi & RAYE’s #TiedUp

This EDM-Afrobeat-Carribean blend will possess you.

Amidst rumours that Major Lazer, the award-winning trio will be releasing their last album next year, I can’t help but continue to appreciate their musical genius. Actually, I never will stop! These guys are just amazeballs and will always keep the dancefloor lit! The music video for their collaboration with Mr Eazi and English songstress Raye caught my attention while doing my usual lunchtime YouTube rounds.

Tied Up is a love song with rich spicy Ghanaian flavoured visuals.

Any music connoisseur will give it more than one listen coz you discover various titbits the producers added that weren’t weren’t too obvious. Firstly, the intro guitar riff ushers in the island vibe that this song rides on which are mirrored in the coastal views of Accra. The Caribbean theme carries the whole song merging with Afrikanness that will get hips moving.

As I listened I was nodding my head and just vibing with it until the post-chorus switched up the whole narrative.

The EDM-afrobeat-soul blend it brings will possess you.

(I’ve had the song looped since!) I anticipated an EDM twist simply because of the nature of Major Lazer songs but it was so well executed I was prompted to take a walk and ask myself what I’ve been doing with my life when other people’s kids are out here doing the most. That post-chorus is such an artistic hook.

The rest offer a solid performance from both singers and the artists behind the scenes. Raye’s vocals bring everything into this song, while Mr Eazi’s signature Banku style is just in the right amount.

Visually, Tied Up doesn’t disappoint with the plethora of organic sets the director picked out. The shots are all refreshing as expected of any outdoor scenes but the thing about good cinematography is you need not think too much about it. I like that that’s what Adriaan Louw did here. He simply took Afrika and just showed it to the world. No BS. Just majestic Afrika showed off with all her beauty to the world. It’s a beautiful accompaniment to the powerful sound brought by the record.

This is a work of beauty.

Really, it just is.


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