MUSE’s #BadHabit is very 90s Grown & Sexy

MUSE is a Zimbabwean Hip-Hop Artist who began his musical journey at fourteen. Having spent the better part of his childhood in the United States the influences as a result such as Prince, The Roots, Erykah Badu and Talib Kweli, aren’t hard to pick out contributing to his sound nearly two decades later. 

With a mixtape and an album plus another one on the way, MUSE is adamant to be heard. His latest single Bad Habit might just so it for him; with it, we welcome the return of some good old R&B.

Listen, this is something that mostly 90s kids will get and 2000s will think they invented thanks to super cool bands like The Internet

Both the visuals and song that makes Bad Habit make for time well spent. The video is fairly clean and shot at Club Crystal in Bulawayo. One can spot some Zim Hip Hop heavy-weights like Aldrian Beefy Harrison and Asaph in a cameo. 

Bad Habit is a great love and hate song, easy to relate to because, lets face it, we’ve all had that one ex with the pull-factor.

Speaking to MUSE he explained how the song was from a real life experience, 

“All of my songs are inspired by personal events. This one is no different. Bad Habit is about the struggle I had some years ago with an ex flame. I saw more in her than what she wanted to see in herself and tried to bring her inner potential out but unfortunately it didn’t work out,” MUSE told #ENTHUSE 

In Bad Habit, MUSE’s rap flows both effortlessly and unpretentiously over this easy jazzy beat produced by British beat-maker Beatowski.

We dig it.

Bad Habit is laid back and slightly sensual and definitely aimed at the mature ear, more so the ladies as MUSE confirmed, 

“This particular album is geared towards the struggles of all things that come with love. So it’s for a more mature ear, its a more laid back vibe then what I usually do, a kind of in depth look at both sides of the heart the male and female. I feel that the female demographic will gravitate to this upcoming project. I hope the gents will follow suit.”

Have a listen to our new Bad Habit and tell us what you think.

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