We #Dhukeke for this Diamond Boyz & Nutty O Collabo

 A few days ago the Zimbabwean duo, Diamond Boyz released a Nutty O collaboration titled Dhukeke.

The single is a strong return from the Brotherhood’s two-year hiatus. The Diamond Boyz have come a long way since ‘Energy’ back in 2015, another DJ Tamuka produced but with a certainly less inspired video. Diamond Boyz under the new management of Carmen Layton show off a different style, look and feel in this video.

Dhukeke earns brownie points for location; set at the Birchnough Bridge, a 100km from their hometown Mutare. Speaking of which, what’s the point of having a great location if you’re not going to have an obnoxious amount of drone shots? Well, the duo, Dboi and Sparxx did not disappoint with this Zororo Chibuwe directed visual!

The video is destination marketing fodder, permissible only because, well, it is a pleasantly unusual location.

The video’s redeeming qualities include the video vixens who are less passively hot but are present, expressive and ooze confidence. A clear sign that a lady was involved in production perhaps?! Either way, the leading ladies add tonnes of value to the video.

The song itself is catchy, Nutty O adds some edge to what could have been a lukewarm delivery from the Diamond Boyz who in their defence work harder than most in the lyrical delivery department. 

Speaking to #ENTHUSE, the duo explained the song’s inspiration and on their renewed vision, 

“For the last 12 months, we have have been working behind the scenes creating new music, this song is centred around reassuring that special someone in your life…there is nothing more powerful, motivating, inspiring and spirit elevating than hearing words of affirmation from your Loved One,” said the duo. 

Because we Dhukeke about you, have a listen and tell us what you think about this new one.


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  • Tinomutenda Mpunganyi
    19 September 2018 at 16:16
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    I liked the jam…..definitely a lotta drone shots though. haha

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