Did Kenyan Politician, Okoth Obado Seriously Just Orchestrate the Murder of his Pregnant Mistress, Sharon Otieno?
Migori County Governor Zachary Okoth Obado and his wife Helen Obado. [Caleb King'wara/Standard]
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Did Kenyan Politician, Okoth Obado Seriously Just Orchestrate the Murder of his Pregnant Mistress, Sharon Otieno?


They say with it comes with great responsibility yet; almost every day we catch those we put in power abusing it. Kenya this week was shaken to its core by the murder of a 26-year-old pregnant University student, Sharon Otieno. Otieno was abducted Monday night along with a journalist, Barack Oduor whom she had contacted in an effort to expose an alleged affair she had with top Kenyan Politician, Governor Okoth Obado.
Otieno and Oduor had organized a meeting with the aide of the governor, Michael Oyamo. According to Oduor the venue of the meeting was changed twice before settling for the Graca Hotel in Rongo but Oyamo then refused to continue with the meeting insisting that the venue was not conducive for him.

“When we got out of the hotel, he told us to board his vehicle so we could move to a different hotel within Rongo town. He was with the driver and a co-driver,” said Oduor.

The car proceeded to a different town contrary to what was agreed upon, a stop was made at Ndege, a shopping centre a few kilometres from Rongo where two more men were picked up.

“We sat in the middle, one man was in the far left and the other far right seat. They ordered us to surrender our phones and all property we had. That is when I knew we had been abducted,” Oduor added.

Upon realizing their predicament the journalist put up a struggle and managed to jump out of the moving vehicle leaving Otieno inside. Oduor then sought help from a residence close by, he was taken to the Kadel Police Post and then to a hospital.

The Rongo University student’s body was discovered Wednesday morning in a forest in Homa Bay following Oduor’s report of their abduction.

“I suspect I was kidnapped to prevent publication of the story,” the journalist stated while at the police station where fellow journalists had gathered in unity.

The Kenyan government released a statement after the student’s body was found, assuring the public and the media community that the matter will be “expeditiously investigated”. Michael Oyamo has since been arrested. Needless to say, the nation of Kenya is calling for justice and social media is buzzing with this call.

According to sources close to Otieno she was seven months pregnant, she had a very intimate relationship with Governor Obado. Sharon Otieno’s family accused Governor Obado of being behind their daughter’s murder after she refused to terminate her pregnancy. Migori Woman Representative Pamela Odhiambo and her Homa Bay counterpart Gladys Wanga are also calling for justice in the matter.

A recent autopsy report on Sharon Otieno’s body has proven that she was indeed 7 months pregnant and that her cause of death was excessive bleeding from multiple stab wounds.

“She had been stabbed four times at the back, three times on the neck and once on the left side of her abdomen. Sharon Otieno was seven months pregnant when she died. The stab she took to the abdomen harmed the foetus and led to its death. A DNA test will be done on the baby. ” – The Standard – Kenya 

Adding to this tragic tale, there is proof in the report that her assailants raped her, 

“Government Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor established that there were elements of rape surrounding Sharon’s death. Used condoms were also found around where her body was discovered.” –The Standard – Kenya 

Expectedly, Social Media is ripe with anger and rightfully so. Although details may be foggy at best, no man, no human must make the assumption that a female body is disposable. We hope those responsible are met with the strongest arm of the law.

RIP Sharon Otieno

Did Kenyan Politician, Okoth Obado Seriously Just Orchestrate the Murder of his Pregnant Mistress, Sharon Otieno?

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