Vera heads to the DRC for Twins Without Borders Fest
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Vera heads to the DRC for Twins Without Borders Fest

A celebration of the life of twins all over the world

The Democratic Republic of Congo has every year since 2008 hosted the Twins Without Borders Festival in Lumbumbashi. Put together by Union Sociale des Jumeaux, the annual event happens before or after the international twins day which is always on the 15th August, to celebrate the life of twins all over the world.

Zimbabwean Afro-Jazz Musician Vera finally performs at the on-going festival this year.

“I was supposed to perform as one of the main acts last year but due to a booking in Germany I had to postpone my debut to 2018,” said Vera in a statement. ”

The festival which started earlier this week on Tuesday ends on the  26th of August 2018 is expected to attract over 1500 people and although this is Vera’s first time in the DRC, it is not her first international festival. Vera has performed in Botswana, Germany and Poland. 

“this is an amazing boost to my career, and I feel that this just shows that there are really no limits to my music, if I really push hard for it…I am also looking forward to connecting fellow musicians to the festival next year.”

Vera also expressed her excitement at the new audience and shared opportunities this performance would bring,

“I am even more excited because this will be my second biggest solo tour since I started my music career”, she concluded. 

Vera is the only Zimbabwean based artist performing at the festival, however, there are two Zimbabwean born artists who are based in Lubumbashi who will be performing too. 

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