Deets on Ammara Brown's Hot Date with Nigerian Superstar Mr. Eazi
Ammara Brown

Deets on Ammara Brown’s Hot Date with Nigerian Superstar Mr. Eazi

Could this be a match made in music-lover heaven?

Could this be a match made in music-lover heaven?

The Zimbabwean barefoot goddess Ammara Brown and Nigerian superstar Mr. Eazi have been seeing each other for the past two years. No, they aren’t dating but have a hot date coming up this September. (more on that later)

Ammara Brown just confirmed that she and Mr. Eazi had been working on newly released single titled Svoto which launched this past week.

Ammara Brown, the multi-award-winning singer, dancer and songwriter has been undergoing a massive transition since loosening ties with her five years strong former manager Tsungai Zvobgo; trading the former for a South African based team lead by Don

 Khabana of OCM Management.

“Two years back I already knew how far I wanted to go…when I first met Tsungi we agreed that she would take me as far as she could…we are in different spaces, I wanted to go big she wanted to stay at home, I love and respect for it all the same” said Ammara. 

At first listen, Svoto communicates this transition fairly clearly with Mr. Eazi who is known for pioneering Banku music, a sound that largely fits into the category of Afrobeats, a twist of contemporary West African Pop, highlife, and hip-hop. 

Deets on Ammara Brown's Hot Date with Nigerian Superstar Mr. Eazi

Ammara Brown Mr. Eazi pictured backstage in Zambia where they first shared a stage. | Instagram

“Ammara is about to take center stage in African Music which sparked my interest to work with her. Svoto is a gem, an African Ting I hope you vibe with’’, said Mr. Eazi.

Yup! Svoto is undoubtedly an Ammara Brown dance tune sprinkled with an unintense love element! It’s light, pop-centric and dissolves the borderlines from here to West Africa; save for the distinct yet enjoyable Sungara inspired guitar lead which makes for a plausible Afro sound as Mr. Eazi sings along in Shona with his signature monotone. Though this collaboration was more strategy than a creative explosion, we appreciate the vibey sub-product that is Svoto. That and the fact that it activates Ammara Brown’s plan to basically come for everything this summer.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about where I am, why I’m in South Africa, everything I’m doing has been working towards the Ammartia Ignite SADC tour…this is my appreciation to the fans around Southern Africa,” said Ammara. 


Begining in Harare at the HICC this November 30th, Ammara Brown kicks off her SADC Tour through Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Lesotho and Namibia.

 It has become abundantly clear that Ammara has been ready to finesse us for a minute. To date, the African pop-sensation has made history by becoming the most viewed Zimbabwean female artist with an impressive 7.8 million views collectively. 

We are ready Queen, slay us! 

In addition, Ammara Brown will be releasing a deluxe edition of the highly acclaimed album Ammartia. The deluxe will be called Ammarti 2.0 and will feature collaborations from one more notable west African star Patoran King. 
You can listen to current single Svoto on YouTube here.

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