Zambian Moon Child Kaleo Sansaa’s Music is Moody AF & We Love it

It's just not enough to call Kaleo Sansaa deep

Kaleo Sansaa is an experimental artist born in Zambian and based in Germany; her first EP Purple Moon was released in June this year. Purple Moon included a short film/documentary titled  ‘Metamorphosen’ which was not only nominated for several festivals in Barcelona, but it won the category of ‘Best Video’ at the Berlin Shortfilm Festival 2018.

Kaleo’s Music is best left to the experience of the ear, her deep voice is sultry, commanding and soothing. Using both a mix of Bemba and English her voice is a reverie, her visuals unusual yet enigmatic. Listening/watching Kaleo Sansaa is such a moody, broody and reflective experience; fusing Loopstation sessions, field recordings and traditionally composed beats.

Prior to the launch of Purple Moon, Kaleo shared visuals from Moontalk, a monthly series that reflected the range of different topics from ‘Purple Moon’. Explaining themes behind singles SoberOceans and Purplemoon; we loved the fact that it wasn’t just a high brow chat about the creative process.  So cognitively,  she states some enlightening opinions on Self Love, Menstruation, the strength of a woman, crown optional.

Inspired by the purple moon itself, Kaleo draws creative energy from below, above, around or from places and spaces non-existent at all.


Screw it!

It’s just not enough to call Kaleo Sansaa deep. 

She’s woke in the least pretentious way!

Kaleo Sansaa’s music is a mood but not a bad one contrary to the endless list of bad PMS jokes.

Purple Moon questions all that we’ve been told about self-acceptance and feminity. 

Currently, Kaleo is touring South Africa and Zambia where she performed at Modzi Art’s Pop Up in Lusaka right after hosting a to-day Poetry and Music Workshop last week.

Watch Moontalk below, you can also check out her Facebook Page here. 


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