#AskSJ: When she sounds like she’s #BeingMaryJane
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#AskSJ: When she sounds like she’s #BeingMaryJane

Is it a bad thing?

Dear SJ,

I used to wonder where my 20-year-old girlfriend got some crazy statements from and then one day she asked me to watch her favourite series with her. She has used the exact lines on me before and I was stunned. It was like I had the watched the show before! Is that a bad thing?– Stolen lines


Dear ‘Stolen lines’,

Well, well… If it isn’t a copycat on the brink! I bet you couldn’t say anything; not that I would have advised that you say anything anyway! I think we’ve all acted a total TV character fool to family, friends and our loved ones. You know TV has become that bad. We all think we are midnight starring and yet we will be dealing with very real people in our very real lives. Naturally, that is causing us disaster because even though “art imitates life,” we totally forget that TV characters nothing but absolute fiction.

I bet she sounds like she’s ‘Being Mary Jane.

Is it a bad thing? Depends. I will say that I’m 50+1% on the affirmative that it is a bad thing. I have an entire chapter on how the human mind is spoiled by fictional information. Once again, it’s something that both sexes do. Dudes think they are Rambo or Terminator running hip-hop wild. The influence is the same for the ladies.

There isn’t much you can do. I only hope that she uses the lines in a good way at least. What are the chances though? If you had to write and ask, it means that there is an element of uncomfortableness that you picked up about the manner of her tone and I suppose the TV character’s delivery of the lines in question and it made you feel bad.

Do address the issue directly in the way you wrote to me and add that it sounds rude when she says something just like the TV character.

It will be a tough act – excuse the pun – to follow because each time you hear something strange from her, you will now know where she gets it from.

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