#ASOI: Digital Art is @Crisco_BL's Happy Place
Crisco BL
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#ASOI: Digital Art is @Crisco_BL’s Happy Place

#ASOI: Digital Art is @Crisco_BL's Happy PlaceCrisco BL, real name Sabelo Crisco Dlamini, is a Musician & Illustrator that uses his talents to exude his feelings and emotions through Music and Art. This is a story of a young man chasing what is most important to him……happiness. This is best expressed in his work. 

The 18-year-old Crisco BL’s journey began when Art became an outlet for social exclusion,


“I felt as if I did not fit in with my peers…those of society and the dictations that come along….in order to fill the gap of loneliness and unhappiness which haunts me, I created a space of freedom,” explained Crisco BL. 

Crisco BL’s illustration journey is a very new one, one he took up just this year in April even though his love for drawing caught on to him in Primary School. Similarly to #ASOI Alumni Vfxtshego, Crisco BL uses music as a means of creative inspiration. 

#ASOI: Digital Art is @Crisco_BL's Happy Place“I have to be in the right space. I listen to music and not just any music I listen to artist such as Masego, Jorja Smith, Jaden Smith and Daniel Caesar”

Drawing a map from the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Crisco BL is a bit indecisive about taking on Art full time…

“I don’t do Art full time….well I don’t know. If I had to get paid a lot of money then I would consider it as a full-time thing” he chuckled.

#ASOI: Digital Art is @Crisco_BL's Happy Place

“Leonardo da Vinci is a genius and his genius didn’t stop at Art. He was extremely good in the fields of Mathematics, Astronomy amongst many things.”

The pursuit of happiness is a strong theme in Crisco BL’s art, using hued yellows in most of his pieces,

#ASOI: Digital Art is @Crisco_BL's Happy Place“I use the colour yellow as a background all the time as it has a meaning behind it and in my life…I mean who doesn’t like yellow?! It represents happiness & that’s the thing I want most in life”

You can check out and follow Crisco BL on his Instagram.

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