Mellow Creme is Ready to Risk it All in #HeartAttack

"it's a question to self... who's your Heart Attack?"

Zimbabwean Artist Mellow Creme has a knack for the weird. More often than less his visuals explore cryptic and some what psychedelic visuals. His latest single Heart Attack on the other hand sticks out like a sore thumb or probably like a boner-excuse my bluntness. The visuals are steamy more so because they play into the almost cliche fantasy of ebony hotties playing dress up. In hat looks like a PG-13 fully clothed orgy in an emergency room; Mellow Creme is surrounded by beautiful young temptresses. 

The nurses do contradictory stuff like check his temperature while making clear efforts to raise it. In tight nurses outfits over samplings of the church classic chant of ‘Amen’, there’s a hint of booty bopping and close-ups of obvious fruity sexual innuendos teamed with Mellow Creme’s heat inducing husky voice.

Although it wasn’t too hard to tell that Mellow Creme wasn’t working with a big budget, the Heart Attack video is not bad. Deezy, a fairly new comer to the music video scene manages to make one location less monotonous. Heart Attack is a song about temptation and is presented as such in the most playful way. 

If anything it’s a question to self… who’s your Heart Attack? That makes you want to risk it all when your mind gets wrapped up in sexual fantasies. Yup, this one is for you.

It’s interesting to note that Mellow Creme keeps his wedding ring on throughout the video too…

Sounding a lot like a groovy soundtrack to a 60s spy movie like Austin Powers. It’s a playful and enjoyable. The video could have gone without the overly saturated and sharpened drone shot of Harare at the end. We’re not ready to offer Mellow Creme rap-king status just yet but can gladly offer him that unabashed creative.

“this single was very different and was more of a team effort” said Mellow Creme

Heart Attack is a single off Mellow Creme’s up-coming album pun-fully titled album Naked-tivity


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