Music, Ideas & Motivation at The Mesh

In pursuit of cool kid status, we attended The Mesh this past weekend.

In pursuit of cool kid status, we attended The Mesh hosted by Shainee Rue at the Chez Zandi Bistro and Wine Bar in Harare on Saturday. A convergence of youthful beings in search of great ideas pertaining to social and economic relations. What I experienced at the 6th edition of The Mesh a fusion of live music, food and constructive dialogue. Amongst very few within the city, it was a great opportunity to cultivate one’s network web in what felt like a relaxed atmosphere.

Taking a break from the random intrusion of Sex as a subject, Motivation was the objective of the day. A four-member panel featuring Radio/TV personalities Tendayi ‘Sokostina‘ Garwe, Mitchel Gumbo, Tariro Makanga and Ruzivo Chonyera from ZBC. 

The speakers dwelt on how to increase personal income and boosting social relations – a discussion that ended up in a hot mess of debate on marriage. Another interesting topic focused on getting business opportunities; a counter to the challenges surrounding the youthful populace of Zimbabwe.

 “Motivation is important because it provides the drive for people to accomplish their goals, maintain their responsibilities or solve problems,” said The Mesh founder Ralph Kadurira.

True to the title the audience had a mesh of fashion designers, socialites, motivational speakers and renowned authors.

“The links and connections I have had on this event are actually more richer than the $5 gate fee…”, said one Fashion designer by the name James Cross

Though some would look at music as a small footnote in the progression of humanity, it is, in fact, a much greater force.

At the Mesh, it was evident that the organisers considered music an important element. As dialogues proceeded, Alfred Sax was beautifully glued to his saxophone.

The vocally gifted Shyeden officially opened the dance floor for business, then after Afro-Pop Artist Bryan K threw in a mesmerizing performance which concluded the blissful night in style.

A Saturday night, well spent.


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