How this Indie Publishing House in Zimbabwe Has Kept its Doors Open
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How this Indie Publishing House in Zimbabwe Has Kept Going 18 Years Later

"it is difficult for publishers of fiction in Zimbabwe because of the economic situation"
AmaBooks is a small independent publisher based in Bulawayo that has stood the test of time. Since their inception in 2000, they have featured over 200 writers with work available both locally and internationally. Telling the Zimbabwe story through novels, short stories and poetry; their focus on contemporary fiction, as well as non-fiction, it has contributed to the documentation of Zimbabwean the history and culture.

The indie publishing house survives in a melting economy, amidst a dying reading culture and the entry of Social Media and tech mania. Speaking to co-founder Jane Morris, we asked how they’ve made it this far.

Supportive Writers are Supportive Readers

“We keep on going with amaBooks  by interacting with the now around 250, writers who we have published, many of whom have become friends and several of whom have gone on to make their names as writers both within and outside the country; the excitement of the arrival of a new book from the printer; the thrill of participating in major international book fairs, particularly when we manage to persuade an international publisher to take on one of our titles…”

Adapting & Quenching the Old-age Love of the Paperback 

“Of course, new technology means that people now use their phones or tablets to communicate and to read some material – but literary fiction and poetry certainly remain best appreciated when read from a traditional book that can be felt and smelled, and the reader can easily flick back to look at sections they particularly love or to fully understand what’s going on. And our titles are, of course, available as ebooks on many platforms across the world.”
You can check out the amaBooks list of publications on their website here or can ‘Like’ their page on Facebook there.

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