#Kure: Vera Channels Some Unexpected 90s Rap Swag in this Mr Rebel Feature
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Vera Channels Some Unexpected 90s Appeal in #Kure with Mr Rebel

They tried something...

Vera is as funky as a Jazz Artist gets. Fusing funk, pop and jazz in her music she reflects her influences of Hope Masike, Erykah Badu and Nneka effortlessly. In a new project, she lets her locks down and gives us a different side to often quaint yet powerful Jazz inspired vocals. 

Kure is a collaborative single released in late June this year. Mr Rebel shows off his vocal versatility in this one. The elements of the song make it almost nostalgic like you’re listening to a Trevor Dongo or Sani Makhalima track.

Kure evokes a bittersweet feeling. 

The beat is smooth, as smooth as crunchy peanut butter with a hint of chocolate chip!

#Kure: Vera Channels Some Unexpected 90s Rap Swag in this Mr Rebel Feature

Mr Rebel | Facebook

At the first, listen, you’re sure you know the song from an earlier time in life. A minute in you’re feeling tricked and just as you’re about to click NEXT the hook comes in and well, you’re hooked, humming along. Kure begins with some 90s R&B vibes and switches up into a somewhat confusing mix of Urban Grooves featuring Mr Rebel’s Usher, Major Lazer cum Future-risque sing-song and Rap. Vera pops into the song unexpectedly after a good four minutes of the six-minute long track. Her flow is very 90s and embodies a hint of EVE of the Ruff Ryders fame. To top off the nostalgia, Vera makes a TV reference only a 90s kid could catch of Martin Lawrence and Gina. Brilliant.

They tried something and it seems to have worked. 

Listen to Kure and let us know what you think.


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