#Rwendo by Namibia Based Slickartie Tells a Sad but Powerful Tale About Migration

'Rwendo' features some intense melancholy and beautiful Namibian landscapes as visuals

Artwell Neusu better known as Slickartie is a Zimbabwean Artist that’s based in Windhoek Namibia. The 29-year-old Singer-Songwriter began as a backing vocalist for ‘Rinonzi Rudo’ Singer Pah Chihera

“I needed to sing, I tried music back home but I didn’t get much love,” said Slickartie.

To date, he’s collaborated with Zimbabwean Artists such as the late Sam Mtukudzi and performed on stages such as the then Mannengburgh.
Now, Slickartie is party to much acclaim from his new home Namibia where he is happily laying his roots. 

“Namibia is as my home,  it is my home now, I have gotten ten times the support I got while I was in Zimbabwe, it’s crazy!”

Slickartie was a lead vocalist of popular afro-jazz band Savannah Afros and was the Bergen Afro Arts Festival representative of Namibia in 2016. Stages Slickartie has been on include the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, the Goethe Institut as well as the Warehouse and Boiler Room to mention a few.

 #Rwendo by Namibia Based Slickartie Tells a Sad but Powerful Tale About Migration

Slickartie, the multi-dimensional Artist?! | Facebook

Just this year, he collaborated with Namibian femme Rapper, Lioness in a single titled ‘Bad‘ dropping some heavy Shona vocals that oozed Afro flavour! 

This is a sharp contrast to his current project called Rwendo which features some intense melancholy. The video project features landscape visuals that offer the scenic beauty, representative, of Slickartie’s new home – Namibia. 

“I teamed up with the guys from Endemic Pictures to share Namibia…this is like a thank you for all the love I’ve gotten so far,” he explained.

Lyrically, Rwendo tells a story close to home, a familiar story of a young man leaving the nest to find his own fortunes. The song flows over a light keyboard and some percussion, leaving Slickartie’s spell-binding vocals. It is bare, raw and honest.

Rwendo is quite sad, it’s a story of friends, myself and those around with nothing to do back home. You are at a standstill with nothing to do. Your parents look at you hoping you do something. They grumble and you then decide to leave the country to seek your fortunes. They want you to leave but they don’t want you to go…” shared Slickartie. 

The project is a combination of two songs both recorded during a live set. As you listen, it transcends into deeper pensive sadness both vocally and lyrically. 

“The first half narrates what happens when I decide to leave. The last half shares what’s happening to so many people…it is a sad reality. You are gone for so long and you have absolutely nothing to show for it,” explained the Artist.

Contrary to the vocals and time away from home, Slickartie is very close to his mum. 

“We are very very close, we have a great relationship now more than ever”, he concluded. 

Slickartie is keen on expressing himself more musically as a reflection of his lifestyle and personality. Since losing his father, he’s been working on sharing that piece of him with us in an upcoming project. Have a listen and a view or two of Rwendo and tell us what you think. 


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