Asaph’s #MAMBO: Is Bulawayo Ready for a New King of Rap?

"Asaph throws a few punches or perhaps we should say grabs for the crown"
Asaph's #MAMBO: Is Bulawayo Ready for A New King of Rap?

Is Asaph a King in line or seated at the throne?

Asaph, a Zimbabwean-based Rap Artis whose Hip-Hop is packed with some often relatable stuff that young urban hustlers like ourselves can get with. 

Starting out from the Zim Hip hop Award Winning group BurgBoiz based in Bulawayo, his first taste of national recognition came in 2015 with his EP project Kingsvilla. Then, he released SNDR which was his biggest single gaining him shout-outs from SA celebs like Maps Maponyane and Nomuzi Mabhena. Last year, Asaph released his third project called twentyFIVE and more recently he was endowed with a Bulawayo Arts Award for Most Outstanding Hip-Hop Act after going toe-toe with Cal Vin, MUSE and T1nda. 

This clearly lit quite the fire under the 26-year-old Rapper who is now set to release an Album titled Mambo this August. Mambo, which means King in Shona is a title that has been keenly reserved for Asaph’s fellow Bulawayo based Rapper/Mentor turned adversary, Cal Vin for a while

Over the weekend the Asaph dropped the album title single and its visuals, where Rayo Beats, its producer, shows off his experience doing work for peeps like Khuli Chana, Gigi Lamayne and Takura. Adopting the featuring Artists The Dawgg (Dancehall) and Fish F Mcswagg’s Ndaramu Trap; the beat is enjoyable with wavy rhythmic trumpets riding on heavy bass. 

In it, Asaph throws a few punches or perhaps we should say, makes some grabs for the crown, 

“Now I know he sees me as a threat…the victory tastes sweet, better than a shawarma…the real crown is hidden inside..some may feel me and some may diss me but I’m a K.I.N.G”

Visually, the video is simple enough and generous with Bulawayo city drone shots which were borderline overkill. The video lacked or perhaps was spared the pretentiousness of choreography and features Asaph and friends, huddled up and talking to the camera like most Hip-Hop videos. Personally speaking, it was great to see women not so obviously objectified. Asaph shows off his taste in dangerous pets (a pitbull) and, of course, the star of the show his Bulawayo Arts Award. The angular shots gave the video some edge giving it a tastefully amateur vibey feel. 

Whether or not you’re an Asaph fan, his charm and flow gives off a hard to resist, raw, ambitious young dude trying to get ahead, a storyline which makes the dude so damn likeable. Makes us wonder…is Bulawayo ready for a New King of Rap? How about you watch MAMBO and tell us what you think!


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