10 Great Spots to Take Your Bae in Training on the First Date
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10 Great Spots to Take Your Bae in Training on the First Date

Stage one is hard enough, doing the thing and asking the girl out on a first date. But, you’re only halfway there! A lot depends on the choice of the location. So, if you don’t know where to go on a first date, here are our top-10 spots thanks to the guys from vavadating.com.


When it comes to a first date, a coffee shop or café is an excellent choice. Yes, it’s pretty banal. But what can be better than having a sweet chat in a cozy place with a cup of coffee in your hand? Besides, these places are usually quiet, and this will help you fully concentrate on communication. After all, you don’t know each other yet, so your main task is to learn as much as possible about her.


Speaking of classic first date spots. Restaurants are still in trend. The advantages of such places are the same: you can enjoy your dinner in a calm atmosphere, getting to know each other and chatting. Try to choose something neutral for the first date. Asking her out to a restaurant of Indian cuisine isn’t the best idea. Your companion may not like spicy food.

Museum, gallery, exhibition

A museum can be a great option for a first date, and here’s why:
Firstly, you won’t have to keep the conversation going all the time. And even if you both don’t understand the idea of the exhibition, you can tell each other about it and have a laugh. Secondly, there is something romantic about these places: nothing but art, quietness, and you. Choose the exhibition/museum carefully. There are several taboos, for example, military themes/genocide and everything related to human suffering. Try to fight the urge to take your date to an erotic themed museum. 

Roller rink

If you like spending time actively, as well as your companion, invite her to the ice rink or go roller-skating. Don’t forget to ask if she likes active pastime in advance. There are also a lot of good first date spots for those, who love extreme sports.

A tour around the city

If the weather’s great, you can ask your partner out for a walk. Plan a mini-tour around your city. Tell her about the most interesting places that are dear to you. In other words, become a personal guide.

Street food festivals

A street food festival or fair will be a good option for a first date. First, it’s probably the only place where you can taste some truly delicious food. Secondly, such events have everything for a comfortable pastime. As a rule, these festivals are accompanied by relaxing jazz or live music, which is also a plus.

Amusement park, Arcade

What ignites that spark between two people? Laughter and sincere smiles, of course! And what’s the best place to get those smiles? That’s right, the amusement park! Let those little kids in you get to know each other better. The first date will be unforgettable if you have a lot of fun. 

Bowling, billiards, table tennis

These are the best first date spots if you want to make your pastime more interactive. Don’t forget to book a bowling alley or a billiard table in advance. If you know how to play, show your potential girlfriend a couple of tricks.


When it comes to the first date, the main thing is not to get bored. If you’re afraid that you won’t find common topics for conversation, ask your companion out to the anticafe. In case you don’t know what it is, anticafe is an establishment where you pay for your stay in it. As a rule, tea/coffee and cookies are already included. Here you can play PlayStation, board games, or have some fun with virtual reality headsets.

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