#WorldCup | Who Are Your Fave Creatives Supporting?

#WorldCup : Who Are Your Fave Creatives Supporting?

We asked a few of your favourite Creatives who they are supporting this year

The World’s biggest soccer tournament is upon us, soccer fan or not, the excitement is kinda hard to ignore! This bids true for these Creatives who have their fingers crossed for their favourite teams. Last night the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ kicked off with an almost predictable five-goal win from its hosts against Saudi Arabia. We asked a few of your favourite Creatives who they are supporting this year.

Rufaro ‘Ruffy’ Chakanyuka [Boom Baby]

Reppin’: GERMANY

An Ad Creative by day and the voice of litness on Zimbabwe’s most popular Radio Station -Star FM by night. We were sure this lady would be directing lots of her energy into supporting her faves!

Rufaro Chakanyuka [Boom Baby]

I’m definitely supporting Germany, their stats are top and I still love ‘Allo Allo’ till today. I have also consulted with the football gods and we agree! France, Spain, Brazil, Portugal also fall into my top 5.

Eve Kawadza

Reppin’: NIGERIA

Zimbabwean Jazz Diva and Dancehall DJ, Eve Kawadza beknown for her cool vocals and uniques style had some true to self-reasons for picking her favourite team.

Eve Kawadza turns from Jazzist to Empress of ZimDancehall

Eve Kawadza
Photo : MJ Photography

I am not a soccer fanatic but l am supporting Nigeria 🇳🇬 because for me they are a very fashion-conscious country with their own edge of style and I believe they are the most skilled team representing Africa in this World Cup.

Emmanuel Bich’ri


Zambian Photographer and visual Artist Emmanuel Bich’ri took time off his prep for his upcoming exhibition to give us a bit of footy insight.

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Emmanuel Bichri

Mmmm I’m a not a football person so I have no idea the teams that are there. Firstly I’m supporting all our African Teams, it takes hard work to reach those and those teams there definitely need our support as Africans so all African teams have my support, and if Germany is there then I’m definitely supporting Germany, this is because it’s a strong team they always have this football touch that I fail to understand.

Munya Bloggo

Reppin’: BRAZIL

Zimbabwean Co-Founder of TV Yangu, Editor of Kalabash Media and Open Parly ZW, Munya Bloggo is not a big fan of disappointment and that’s why he’s keeping his options open.

Munya Bloggo

The team that wins…that’s the one l was supporting…Brazil though….l secretly bet my money on Brazil.


Reppin’: FRANCE

Zimbabwean Stand-up and Skit Comedian Kadem shares the power of the psyche when determining a team favourite.


I’m supporting France because the team looks solid on paper. They painfully lost the Euro 2016 Final and I am sure they are back to revenge this time!



Masa Caroleen

Zimbabwean Musical Artist Masa Caroleen laughably couldn’t be bothered by the ‘beautiful game’.

To be honest I only ever watch the opening and closing ceremonies!

Who are you supporting? Do you even care? Tell us all about it on Twitter or Facebook!


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