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Ask SJ

#AskSJ: Tutor Gone Rogue

"Are you freaking kidding me?"

Dear SJ,

I am a 20-year-old dude and for the past 3 months, I have been doing extra Math lessons. I had approached this girl from my neighbourhood and asked her to assist me. We agreed on a fee per month. Everything has been great and she gave me good lessons for more hours at her place. All of a sudden she is moody, avoids or distracts our schedule. She is 20 just like me and is the girlfriend to my ultra-religious pastor neighbor who is slightly older, who I grew up with. She even speaks badly about him to her friend while I’m studying. What gives SJ? – Lost student

Dear ‘Lost student’,

Lost student for sure!
So you approached your neighbour’s girlfriend and asked her for Maths lessons. Are you freaking kidding me? That was so random and silly. Congratulations. You threw yourself into your Pastor
neighbour’s relationship and it’s now in trouble. A boy and a girl cannot be friends. That is rule number one, please!
When you approached this girl, you gave her an impression of something else. Admit it! I mean who
rocks up to someone, and a woman at that, asking for lessons? She initially gave you more hours hey.
Phew we, what a kind ma’am! “Ma’am” my ass! She’s a lonely woman who clearly isn’t getting some
attention from her pious pastor boyfriend. Both you and the pastor are ‘The Tease’.

What are the chances pastor ever unzips his pants to her? And here you are with a script straight out of
a Disney prince story except you’re not as passionate as she expected you to be.

In simpler terms, she was hoping to cheat with you!

Why do people play like this?

A boy and a girl cannot be friends okay. Cut your loss and stick it out for the period you paid for. Or ask
for a refund and look for an actual Tutor.

Dear SJ,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year. He’s 25 and I’m 24. He has disappeared on me. I spent the entire weekend crying and wondering why he hadn’t called or texted. What do I do?

Dear SJ,

He eventually resurfaced saying he had lost his phone and asked me to buy him a new one and I did. We are okay now. – “What do I do?”

Dear “What do I do?”,

If I didn’t take this Ask SJ thing seriously, I would have laughed. Young lady, you are being played and
you think it’s cute. It’s not. How dense do you have to be to not see that he’s an idiot? Your money
status is so great you that had extra funds to buy him a phone. Those are bad financial manners by the way, really bad.

While you are okay now, wait until he disappears again. I hope he won’t ask for a car. There’s obviously
more to the story than you are telling. Find an exit from this relationship.

Sonny Jermain is an Award-Winning public health, maternal, sexual and reproductive Health Rights
facilitator and a traditional psychic. This column appears Thursdays on #ENTHUSE. Send questions to or WhatsApp +263 71 387 2286. Follow @SonnyJermain.

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