Johnny Clegg's Final Journey Tour to Harare
Source : The Daily Maverick

Johnny Clegg’s Harare Leg of The Final Journey Tour has been Postponed

“I don’t know what’s going to happen – nobody knows…but while I’m strong and able to do stuff, I wanted to do a nice, big Final Journey tour.”

Those were the words the former Juluka frontman said before he began his project to do what he loved most, performing songs that united post-apartheid South Africa across the globe; Harare, Zimbabwe included. The 90s kids and beyond were in for a treat right in the middle of HIFA season this weekend.

Sadly the organizers confirmed that due to his medical condition they’ve had to postpone the event. Johnny Clegg was diagnosed with Cancer and his on-going fight against it inspired ‘The Final Journey Tour’.

“Please be advised that due to unscheduled chemotherapy, Johnny Clegg has asked for a postponement of the “Johnny Clegg – The Final Journey” event scheduled for Friday 4th May.” – Official Statement from organizers

All is not lost however, the event whose VIP Tickets had already sold out will still go on but at a later date.

“A new date and venue will be announced within the next 72 hours & an official statement from Johnny Clegg”

Although there’s been no statement on Johnny’s platforms his management stated on the Concert Event Page;

“Unfortunately the remaining dates of the Final Journey tour will have to be postponed until September 2018 due to Johnny’s treatment. We will only be in a position to confirm exact dates in a few months. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but under the circumstances, we trust that Johnny’s fans will understand.”

We wish Johnny Clegg a speedy recovery and wish his family all the strength through what we imagine must be a difficult time. Here are some answers to questions you might have about the event from its organizers.


1. Your tickets will still be valid for the new date.

2. Tickets are still available to buy although very limited.

3. Your tickets are transferable (i.e. you can give your ticket to someone else to use).

4. Tickets purchased before 28 April 2018 will be eligible for a refund until 24th May 2018. Should you want to apply for a refund, please follow this link:


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