Rwandan designer Cynthia Rupari (Image : Vayando)

Rwandan Designers Eye European Market

African Fashion!

If you are in Europe and you’re a fashion enthusiast, get ready for a fashion fiesta where talented Rwandan designers will be showcasing exceptional designs.

According to organisers, preparations for the first ever ‘Rwandan Diaspora Fashion Show’ in Europe are in high gear – and local designers and models are busy getting ready for the runway.

The show is organised by Rwandan Women Association and the Embassy of the Netherlands, in collaboration with Kigali International Fashion Week. The objective is to draw attention to the immense talent and sophistication that exists in the fields of culture, fashion and the arts, and to show people how the fashion industry in Rwanda has changed significantly over the past years.

The event runs from March 24 to April 1 in The Hague, Netherlands, before it’s staged in Brussels, Belgium.

In an interview with The New Times, Martin Munguzi, the technical assistant and co-organiser, said everything is set, from the designers and models, to the organisers themselves, to make the show a success.

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