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#AskSJ: What Makes S*x So Great After Fighting With Your Bae?

Well isn't that a good question?

Dear SJ

It’s me again. I’m following up on my previous issue about the girl I met at the bar. It’s been a couple of months now and we’ve grown apart. I call her sometimes and she can’t explain to me where she is. I can call her on a damn Monday at 10 PM and she will tell me she’s not at home when I try to see her. Turns out she is quite the drinker and spends a lot of money on alcohol by her own admission. I’m unsettled and I don’t see the future here.
– Sober and Sad.


Dear ‘Sober sad’

Well, there you have it. You by your own admission cannot see the future. When trying to move in life, it is very important to “see” where you want to be. It’s called visioning. It is a direct form of self-divination because everyone – wait for it – is actually a psychic!

Most of us don’t have the settings.

Again, you cannot see the future yourself. Stop wasting time. I’m not a fan of finding love at the club. The drinks implication that comes with it means that something else is going on internally to the both of you. If the scientists cared – and that on its own is a giveaway of the senselessness of the whole affair – there could be some bad numbers about finding love at the club.

You can meet someone out of the club and then go dancing at the club. I’m not so sure about the other way round.

Clearly, if she is not at home on ” a damn Monday night at 10 PM” your guess is as good as mine as to where she could be. She’s an alcoholic. She needs help. If you can encourage her, she would best join the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcohol abuse is a very big problem in Zimbabwe that people are not talking about. I encourage you to leave.


Dear SJ

What makes sex so great after fighting with your bae and then y’all become fine?
– Hot ‘n’ cold.


Dear ‘Hot ‘n’ cold’

Well isn’t that a good question? Sadly, there’s an element of sexual incompatibility that will be going on there. I find the concept of “fighting” in relationships bizarre and that’s a topic for another day.

Just as well, there will be strong astrological incompatibility as well. The 12-star signs are divided into two; masculine and feminine. If you date across the star sign genders, you will have quite the power struggle to deal with. It needs you or the other person to be a calm lover and hold it down.

Beware emotional drain. If you are the calm one, you really have to hold it down. Sex isn’t just a physical thing despite what people pretend it is to be. You can google the star sign traits of your bae and compare it with yours. That is however not a reason for excusing a bad partner in a relationship because you or they can’t go around acting a fool because of a silly star sign.


Sonny Jermain is an award-winning public health, maternal, sexual and reproductive health rights facilitator and a traditional psychic. This column appears Thursdays on Enthuse. Send questions to asksj@enthusemag.com or WhatsApp +263 71 387 2286. Follow @SonnyJermain.



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