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UPDATE: Zim Film ‘Industry’ Sex Assault Claims: Of Motor Mouths & Liars

"Amanda will blame no one but herself for her lies."

In a shocking turn of events, the sex assault allegations we published in an article yesterday have been countered by damning revelations. Amanda Ranganawa is accusing  Michael Zemura, a Creative Director at Mirazvo Productions, of sexually assaulting her on an unspecified date and she had gone to write a lengthy article in the NewsDay on the plight of women in the Film Industry.

However, prominent film sector figure Dorothy Meck has added her voice to the matter in a statement alleged to be from her desk.

“I was very emotional about this because I’m a feminist. So I went out of my way wanting to meet the so called abusers… at ZIFT hmmmmm . They showed us the chats from when they started scripting and all the evidence is there. Amanda will blame no one but herself for her lies. Because if the chats are to be posted here you would actually feel sorry for these guys. I don’t know both parties but in this case even if I’m a feminist….here I don’t want any association with what I saw. I even read her conversation with ZBC. Hmmmm Amanda must stop there shes getting herself into trouble soon. ZBC kept asking one question which she did not answer. I asked about the money in question and it’s not a big amount… to me it’s not about the money. And the 2 page Letter Amanda… You wanted him back. You once dated… meaning you guys are using us to comment and fight over a wrong story. Guys stop here till you see what I saw.”

This new information has changed the course of this issue which has torched a storm in the film sector. The drama did not stop there as music video director Vusa Blaqs who recently verbally abused R & B Artist Cindy Munyavi also added more fuel to the fire by releasing a particularly disturbing voice note that caused chaos on the Zimbo Live TV page. In the voice note, Blaqs is on the record stating in short abused women in the creative industry shouldn’t complain if they are ‘fuckable’.

He later apologised in a Facebook post in an attempt to save his image after receiving well-deserved backlash.

It’s quite evident that there is truth somewhere in the midst of this chaos and we surely hope the smoke clears quickly before characters are assassinated and careers ruined. As always, sex assault claims are not something to joke about or to throw around. What happens when colleagues male or female dispel these claims as a power play? Who is to blame for the non-existent respect Producers and Directors have for women creatives?


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