King Kandoro in action at one of his shows.

King Kandoro Does it For The Laughs, Not The Culture

Who does not like free comedy?

Kapfupi is the only comedian I recognised whilst I was growing up. The rest of the guys did not make the cut for me especially the stand up comedians. This is all until I discovered the idiotic genius that is King Kandoro. Yes, ‘discovered’, I am the David Livingstone of comedy lol!

King Kandoro popularly known for his Madhorofiya Republik skits has been around the comedy circuit for a while. He was one of the fast-growing comic brands in 2017, ending it on a high note through a collaboration with Mindless TV‘s Nickk Titan on a podcast called Sadza in the Morning. This duo has built a brand that has the Twitter streets buzzing every time they drop a new episode. However, today we focus on the efforts kadoma sitting half of the duo.

He has been popularising bar comedy in Zimbabwe, taking over popular leisure spot Inakis in Helensvale, for Thursday Comedy Nights. The Comedy Thursdays he hosts serve as platforms for established and upcoming comedians to flex their new material and get new fans from the crowd drawn by the prospect of a free comedy show. However, after a journey from Chez Zandis, Monomotapa Crowne Plaza and Inakis, the comedy show seems to have found a home with a return to its former base at the Aquarium Lounge at Monomotapa Crowne Plaza.

Yesterday was a refreshing comedy show with stellar sets from MaForty, Louis The Prince, Ian Phiri and rapper Sharky who was the musical guest. The room was packed with comedy lovers being given a dose of laughter by a good line up of extremely funny young Zimbabweans who seemed to revel at their newfound freedom of expression or is it an illusion of.

“It’s been very beautiful to watch more and more people come out to support. It’s confirmation that we are doing something right and the plan is to continue growing them until Comedy is up there amongst all the other lauded art forms,” Kandoro told #ENTHUSE.

It’s amazing and satisfying at the same time to watch young creatives grow in their respective fields to become brands to reckon with and we think King Kandoro is one to watch out for!


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