What Really Happened Between Cindy Munyavi & Vusa Blaqs?

Here's a hint...it all started with a camera!

I have been on a sabbatical. More like a week of sleeping in and eating junk food, but your fav could not just let me rest. Imagine my shock when one of the most respected music video directors in the country called diva, Cindy Munyavi, a ‘fucking idiot’. Hawu Vusa Blaqs!

What may seem to be just another Olinda Chapel Facebook Live inspired rant has roots dating back to August last year according to a source close to the issue. Apparently, Blaqs used the same camera that had been used by Andy Cutta to shoot Clap For My Baby and used it for Ammara Brown‘s Akiliz. This particular camera is a RED and it seems like most of the music directors hire it from one guy who was named as Mandebvu *strokes beard*… Upon receiving the camera it is alleged that Blaqs viewed the footage of Cindy’s video shoot and went further to contact her. It was revealed to us that Cindy sternly warned Blaqs against using any part of her video concept for his upcoming video shoot, which so happened to Ammara’s.



Fast-forward to present day where people are accusing Cindy of stealing the ‘hunky-guy with tattoos’ concept when according to the above information, she might have had it first. Interestingly, Ammara launched her video after a long wait and Cindy dropped hers on Valentine’s Day which was the planned date…



We might not be entirely sure of the transactions that happened between these creatives but surely resorting to such slander on Facebook Live was not warranted. After all, it was just guys with tattoos or is it deeper than that? We might never know the full scope of the issue but we only have one piece of advice for Blaqs, unganyeli emthonjeni bruv!




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