Reverb 7 just did it again for us with 'Confuse Me'!
Reverb 7 Pic: Proud Zimbo

Reverb 7 just did it again for us with ‘Confuse Me’!

Does the man ever fail to impress?

The Zimbabwean king of Afro House Reverb 7 is back at it again with another banger! I mean, this guy doesn’t seem to ever make a miss. The track ‘Confuse Me’ is a subtle intro to what we can tell is gonna be another successful year for the producer. Just a few weeks ago he released, just in time for a bumping Valentine’s weekend a collaboration with Star FM’s Noxy titled ‘Yeka‘ a clear warning shot for what was to come. This is not too long after he obliterated the Vic Falls Carnival Bush Party stage in December!

Reverb 7 features newcomer Victor Stot’s vocals on this jam and the man knows how to hit the right spot with his musical prowess.The tune is catchy and one can easily sing along to the chorus. I’m already hooked, to be honest. I’ll admit the lyrical content is not new but ‘Confuse Me’ has been packaged very well. You’ll definitely forget another artist sang of a lady spinning him into a state of disorientation. Having listened to a few of Victor’s previous songs, I can tell this was written by him. Kudos to him for writing the song in English, Shona, and Ndebele. Now that’s what we call Zimbo Flavour.

‘Confuse Me’ is a solid response to all those who thought even for a second, “where is Reverb7?”
He’s here to stay! The DJ/producer is a master of his Art and the melodies in this track testify to this claim. From the moment the bass drops you know it’s lit! I can’t wait to hear this jam in the club and drop a few moves on the dancefloor. If this song doesn’t get you moving I don’t know what will. Honestly, what’s next from here Mr. Summertime cause I’m finished?!

Check out ‘Confuse Me’ for yourself on his SoundCloud and let us know what you think:


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