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Zimbabwean Brands Get Prime Spots At SA Menswear Week

This congregation of fabric magicians is the biggest in Africa which promotes menswear.

The SA Menswear Week returns this weekend with the Autumn/Winter collections being showcased by an array of talented designers from South Africa and beyond. Taking place at the Cape Town City Hall, this congregation of fabric magicians is the biggest in Africa which promotes menswear.

From February 8 to February 11 different top designers will be showing the world what they have in store for us. Zimbabwe is not lacking ample representation there, with leading fashion houses in the form of Ara Kani and Kidd Hunta participating there for the second year running. Ara Kani is led by Nkululeko Ncube popularly known as Uncube Othungayo who is currently based in South Africa. He has been gaining traction with his brand managing to sucre shop space at one of the top malls there.

Gilmore Tee a leading voice in the Zimbabwean fashion industry who recently held a creative Mixer on fashion at the last Hustlers market, will also be the voice of the fashion showcase. Quoted in 3-Mob, he said,

It is such an honour to be in South Africa for the menswear week. I am looking forward to being the voice of the event for the next 3 days. I am also excited to share my knowledge through the workshops to be held during the fashion week

Six top Zimbabwean male models are going to strut the catwalk at the fashion show, representing a growing movement of modeling that’s taking over Zimbabwe. This will be an opportunity for these models to exchange notes with their counterparts from other nations.

The Zimbabwean fashion industry has not had any massive growth due to low demand from the consumers. This has been made worse by cheap imports from China which appropriate local patterns and sell the low-quality product at a very low price. However, a number of fashion houses have been making headway in making sure that their names are known.

Check the schedule below.



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