S.I.N Album Promises A New Sound For Zim Hip Hop


Hit Squad‘s The Mystry announced an album launch set for the 27th of January at On The Roof in Harare. I had the privilege of listening to some of the tracks of the album and I must say that it is a groundbreaking project.

Wholly produced by arguably one of the best young producers Zimbabwe has, Zviro Beast, the album titled Something I Noticed (S.I.N.) is filled with a truly Zimbabwean sound that has been perfectly fused with trap beats and hard 808s. From experiments in sungura to a jiti vibe, Beast showed production flexibility and this unique sound he is bringing to the table is surely a game changer.

I, unfortunately, cannot divulge the tracklist right now but I spoke to Mystry and he gave me an insight into the inspiration behind the project.

“I wasn’t that much of serious artists before. Me and Beast had been recording a couple of stuff for a while but I noticed that there was a lack of enough authentic Zimbabwean Hip-hop. One that tells Zimbabwean stories that anyone across the board can relate too. That was the concept behind this album. We want to create a movement of proudly Zimbabwean Hip Hop music.”

With his comic lines, I am sure he will win a lot of heart over to his side.

He will be supported by a large contingent of artists at the launch, with acts like Sharky, Jae Da Lyricist, King Avry, Pauline and the Hit Squad team. All these acts bring with them a unique Zimbabwean sound that could create a perfect environment for Mystry to launch this project in. Also running concurrently with the performances will be an exhibition by a visual artist who will be relaying the themes of the songs on the album.

HitSquad released a compilation project last year in which Beast flexed his production muscles by incorporating all the major genres. Rumour has it that he is currently working on something for Jamaican legend Sizzla Kalonji. With that much clout, I do hope that he made sure that S.I.N is a solid project.


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