#RapidReview Crooger & Jnr Brown’s ‘Boyz repaGhetto’


Aaron Mheta of A.M. Pictures is making 2018 his year and his latest offering to us is a testament to this claim. His latest work is the visuals for Crooger‘s single, Boyz repaGhetto, which features Zim Hip-Hop heavyweight, Jnr Brown. Crooger’s music is definitely a maturing art form and this track is a sign that his recent focus on music full-time is paying off. His lyrical content and flow are on point and the somewhat corny punchlines hit hard.

Vernac rappers are literally taking over the hip-hop scene in our country and Crooger is one to keep on your watchlist. Featured artist, Jnr Brown, brings the heat on this track and reminds us why he is a king of the genre. It goes without saying that this is the kind of delivery we’d expect from him. I’m glad to say though that there was no imbalance in musical prowess as Crooger delivered fire bar for bar. This is a ghetto anthem that will get people singing along as the hook is catchy and relatable to the masses.

You also feel engulfed in the scenes as the set is organic and was all simply areas in the ghetto. The wardrobe also reflects what I’d call a ‘Harare Hustler’ look and in that sense, nothing was amiss. In terms of technical aspects though, Aaron didn’t put much work into directing but rather took the age-old template of township themed music videos and simply, copy-pasted. Yes, the video is fresh and uncomplex but well, more could have been done. The script is easily forgettable and isn’t much to ponder on.

To round it all up, the video is relevant and perfectly matches the lyrics. That’s always a great feat to achieve. The track is pretty satisfying and if this is what 2018 has in store for us, it’s gonna be lit!


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