Heck Yeah, We Survived The Vic Falls Party Bus 2017!

"The Vic Falls Party Bus is a brutal but necessary party-rite of experience"

Excited voices. Luggage ready to roll. Bottles chilling. A DJ ready to rock. A crowd milling outside a bus from at least three different countries on ONE mission. Party!

The second installment of the Vic Falls Party bus was more or a less a college haze (not that we have those in abundance on this continent!). Survivors tell tales of alcohol in abundance and swelling feet from jamming to some top music that the entertainers had to offer. It’s an experience that most cannot survive. A real sad story for livers and empty beds!

The bus rolled out of Harare and the party had already started. Shots went all around in this sold out missile of fun and by Norton, almost everyone was out of their seats with a Zambezi Lager in their hands, dancing to a vibe set by DJ Icytat as we set out to the land of ultimate getting down which is the Vic Falls Carnival.

The brief Tshisa-Nyama stop in Gweru provided the much need energy for the pub crawl that awaited each and every party goer in Bulawayo. The first treat on arrival in the City of Kings was a special dance dedicated to the Party Bus at the Private Lounge which left a few gentlemen with erm, pitched tents. Red Café proved to be too hot for us to handle with a live band session that proved why Bulawayo is termed the Arts Capital of Zimbabwe (well, at least by me!).

After clubbing rounds the journey fell into a patch of calm, the fainter hearted caught some sleep while the insomniacs kept at it as the good times rolled till the wee hours of the morning as DJ Feel G dropped an awesome non-stop Deep House Mix that ushered us out of Zimbabwe’s second capital.

The journey to Vic Falls suddenly became shorter, save for a few pit stops to allow smokers to engage in their rites. The bus landed in Vic Falls mid-morning at Mawuya Lodge and the hungry and tired dove into breakfast whilst settling into their rooms.

This was the beginning of three nights of fun brought to us especially by iFLIX through the Vic Falls Carnival. A-lister’s like Black Coffee, MiCASA, Prince Kaybee, Ammara Brown brought the house down. We barely touched the beds and the pool became a liquid body temperature regulator for all in the blazing hot noons of the resort town. It was unforgettable, fast-paced and heart-pumping! We can not certainly blame the participants for the battered faces on the bus on the ride back to Harare.

The Vic Falls Party Bus is a brutal but necessary party experience, nope! It’s not built for the weak! Are you ready to hop on in exactly 360 days? Only bad bad Party Lovers allowed…just kidding you’re invited too!
Tickets to be announced soon, join our waiting list here to find out first.

All Images courtesy of Tino Nyandoro and Bich’ri Media.


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