Chanje Kunda's Superpostion by Miselo Kunda of Silk Photography

A Review of Chanje Kunda’s Superposition


Superposition is a must see!

Chanje Kunda’s eclectic, the beautiful one-woman show explores femininity, identity, the universe and laws of attraction as she takes us on a personal journey as she tries to uncover her place in the world and heal from past pains.

Having interviewed Chanje for Afridiziak and had been blown away by many of the insights and discoveries that she had made during her research for the show. I was intrigued to see how she would translate the mix of quantum mechanics, physics, pole dancing and motherhood she had described to me in her interview, on stage.


Chanje Kunda’s Superpostion by Miselo Kunda of Silk Photography

Superposition is a beautiful, raw, honest and gracious performance.

Somehow she did just that. Superposition is a beautiful, raw, honest and gracious performance. In the flow and delivery of her scientific discoveries, Kunda took the audience on a journey of sub-atomic particles, the big bang theory and how miraculous our existence truly is. She celebrated her own body and all women’s bodies through erotic dance, saucy humour and a dash of scientific fact – we are all made up of the same stuff as the sun the hottest star in the sky. Literally, we are all hot stuff!

I really enjoyed the show and was touched by the rawness of her performance, there were elements that I was not expecting but greatly appreciated as I could connect with them as a woman who has been disappointed by past loves and often wondered about my own place in the universe.

For a male perspective I invited a male friend along to watch and he told me “that was amazing, for men our identity sometimes is so much simpler but for women you have so many parts to play, this artist asked so many real questions and yet gave us all answers.”

by Abiola Lawal


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