Did DJ Zinhle Lowkey ‘Come Out’ on her latest Video #DjZinhleColours?

and on Twitter too?!

We know and celebrate DJ Zinhle for different reasons, for one she is an authentically talented Artist on the decks, to us she represents a woman scorned turned phoenix rising from the ashes that were her and AKA’s relationship and not so great fre-neship with ‘it’ girl Bonang Mateba.  Fast forward to now Zinhle is not doing too shabby at all, bagging some slick-ass brand endorsements all the while raising what looks like the cutest kid in Africa at the moment, her daughter – Kairo.

Did we mention her thriving femme DJ school and the fact that she’s BFFs with Mzanzi’s girl-next-door Pearl Thusi? (more of that later) or her newly built mansion or that she just launched a super motivational Reality TV show??

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Point is, guys – this girl is doing aaalright!

Just under two weeks ago, Zinhle released a fresh new video to the single ‘Colours’ featuring the vocals of who Tamara Dey, both these ladies have been super underground as far as music is concerned and it’s so dope to hear and watch them on something NEW right now !

I digress!

Colours is the epitome of a cool summer track, and we already imagine it’ll play a couple hundred times on the Vic Falls Party Bus as we head down for our trip of debauchery.

The video shows us a side to Zinhle we aren’t usually privileged to, for one she looks a lot less, ummm… serious and lets her hair down. Yes in platinum, gold and auburn-was it?!

Looking extra cheeky in a pair of butties ‘her majesty’ gets into the groove with a dance or two. Zinhle also seems to be flir-texting with Tamara in the video, or she could be ‘just tweeting‘. Then again, Tamara does bites her lip at some point so…

Also as if we needed anymore heat in the video which features a predominantly female cast, the leading ladies look extraordinarily comfortable and flirty in their swimsuits on a pile of colourful cushions.

Did DJ Zinhle Lowkey Come Out on her latest Video #DjZinhleColours?

Source: Twitter

Arriving at a ladies’ not-so-cool party which they turn around courtesy of their tasselled swagger. The pair send some very sexy vibrations as they play fight in a not so hetero-way.

Did DJ Zinhle Lowkey Come Out on her latest Video #DjZinhleColours?

Source: Twitter

But… Tamara isn’t our main suspect, oh no! In this conspiracy theory we have the insatiable, unsubstantiated yet unshookable belief that Zinhle has a bae from the fairer side of the sexes.

SO who has this honour? It’s simple.

BFFs or…?

Perhaps it’s because we’ve spent most of the year watching Zinhle and her new BFF, Pearl Thusi getting closer and closer from coordinated outfits to having each others backs in Twitter Clap-backs or having a whole challenge dedicated to their Friendship Goals.




Yes, bloody yes we hope Zinhle is coming out because her and Pearl Thusi look delectable together! It’s been torture and we the people want them to put us out of our misery. While tweets like these definitely don’t help…

Here’s our theory in full, Colours was an expression, a coming out party in song for her new path with BFF and real bae, Pearl Thusi, the lyrics are love-song style so this must mean our theory is correct anyway –  also Brandon Naidoo is clearly Zinhle’s beard like-duh!! 

Our minds are set the verdict is out, this is our story and we are sticking to it.
We even have a trendy couple name and t-shirts in print!

What do you think of Colours and of course our highly unlikely story?!
Watch the video blow and drop those thoughts in comments.


Stephanie is the Founder of Zimbabwean New Media start-up Enthuse Afrika & the Editor of their biggest project so far #ENTHUSE.

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