Omarion Receives Rude Awakening In Namibia

What promised to be one of the biggest concerts on this year’s local entertainment calendar, headlined by acclaimed American RnB singer, Omarion, turned out to be a poorly attended event with only about 200 people pitching.

Despite this setback, the artists did their best to save the show and turned the entire event into a ‘not to be missed’.

Some revelers said it was supposed to draw a huge crowd since Omarion is one of the most loved singers worldwide, and blamed it on organisers for not marketing the event properly.

Alina Mbango, a big Omarion fan, said although many people did not show up, it was the music extravaganza of the year.

“It was on fire and I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end … this was the best show ever in Namibia so far this year,” said Mbango, adding that all the performances were excellent.

Lukas Tomas said the poor organization created a bad image for Namibia but he was happy the show took place despite the setbacks.

Dr Loneson Mondo, who organized the event, was not available for comment.

The show was scheduled to start at three o’clock in the afternoon but only began at nine o’clock in the evening, with about fifty people in attendance. Maranatha opened up the night with her amazing performances, with songs from her debut album Smile.

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