Windhoek Fashion Week 2016; Namibia. Damage by Nicoleen (Image Credit: Fashion Ghana)

All Is Set for Windhoek Fashion Week 2017


The 2017 Windhoek Fashion Week promises to be bigger and better this year, with the excited organisers saying the event has been created to offer a platform for fashion designers to display their talent and learn new skills from local and international designers.

The fashion week event is scheduled to be launched at Nampower Convention Centre on November 4. Kalistus Mukoroli, one of the organisers, says up to 45 models, both male and female will strut their stuff on the catwalk.

“We had over 150 models that came through to cast, which made the job difficult for the casting committee, as only 20 male and 25 female models were selected,” says Mukoroli.

He adds that with this year’s jam-packed schedule, they see their very own fashion designer and blogger, Leah Misika, opening the event, with an offsite private show on the November 1.

On the second day, the programme contains fashion talks that will be hosted by industry professionals, with a focus on running a sustainable fashion business. They have invited the president of the German Fashion Council, Scott Lipinski, to the event.

Day Three and Four of the event will highlight fashions shows, with local and international designers showcasing their collections.

“This year for the time we see College of the Arts students getting an opportunity to showcase their final year collection at Windhoek Fashion Week,” says Mukoroli. Day three would starts with the first slot, titled ‘A Style For Every Story’, which will see some of Namibia’s heavyweight fashion designers. There will also be international designers, such as House of St Luke from South Africa, Fresh from Angola, Nivaldo and Thiery from Mozambique.

“But before we kick off the last night of fashion shows, there will be a Fashion Flash Mob Activation in Wernhil Park, whereby Windhoek ‘fashion Week will officially invade the centre and give the shoppers an experience they will never forget,” explains Mukoroli.

Day Four, the last night of the Windhoek Fashion Week, will see the other half of heavyweights within Namibia and aboard showcase their garments, including FoxyGinnah, Sai Style, L’Aesthetic all from Namibia, Sdu Shezi from South Africa, and ELGVNCIE from Angola. Acclaimed local designer Ingo Shanyenge will be closing the fashion week with his ‘Power in My Style’ exhibition.

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