The Entry on #ENTHUSE
The Entry on #ENTHUSE

The Entry: Heart Of His Father


I am in love with a man who is more than just a man,
He is a beast, toiling tirelessly for a future that is in his dreams,
and a hope and prosperity that He has been promised.

He is a prince, a son of a King, a son of The King,
His inheritance is not silver or gold,
But a life beyond this earth he is a is a warrior, who fights boldly for what he believes,
Leading a small army without even realising his influence he is a soldier,
He protects without fear or question,
My heart has never been under such careful watch. I am in

I am in love with a man who is more than *just a man *to me,
You see, he wears many hats; teacher, counselor, teammate, adviser, friend…
Many may never know these many traits he has you see,
They are gifts, gifts that were so carefully wrapped from creation,
A wrapped box of gifts placed inside a sparkling metal chest,
A metal chest containing a wrapped box filled with
Gifts buried deep buried so deep inside his Fathers presence,
Held in his Daddy’s arms, so deep that I had to dig unrelenting never knowing when.

Never knowing when the key, the key that only I could use,
The only key would be handed to me to keep forever,
To unlock that metal chest of treasure that I’d learned to seek,
And found, that would let me see that box,
Wrapped in layers that only I could unwrap,
To see these gifts overflowing whose awesomeness only I could recognise.
I am in love with a man who is more than just a man,
Not because of anything he has the strength or ability to do
But because of the heart in his chest that daily seeks to be like that of his Father.

By Rutendo Tigere


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