#ICAC2017: Is Africa in Denial of the Realities of Colonialism?

#ICAC2017: Is Africa in Denial of the Realities of Colonialism?

Is the grand scale of Colonial programs and occurrences that led to the fragmentation of the African continent a reality that we continue to ignore?

It can be argued the Africa remains unable to listen and understand the importance of having a dialogue about the reality of the continued cost of colonialism. The legacy of colonialism has been so influential that we have lost who we are. Self-hate is seen as normal. Aside from the occasional streaks of ‘wokeness’ we come across on social media timelines.

For example, the freedom of movement remains a dream in the Africa that was envisioned by the nationalists decades ago. Decolonisation and the common passport remains another fantasy. As it stands, culture continues to feed from a ruptured world, and from a ruptured people.  Acknowledging that it is time to take stock of the past and present; tap into our social, cultural, economic and biogenetic transmutation realities that confront us every day…

The ‘Artists’ walk About’ is a British Council supported opportunity for four Spoken Word artists to respond to the African Voices exhibition during ICAC, 11-14 September in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Spoken Word artists will lead the curatorial discussions as part of ‘Artists walk About’ with ICAC participants and delegates discussing questions such as:

“To whom does Africa belong?”

“Whose Africa are we talking about?”

“Where is our Africanism?”

The International Conference on African Cultures (ICAC) will be hosted at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe under the theme #MappingTheFuture from the 11th to 14th September 2017; Registration is available here.


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