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Zodwa Wabantu & Anne Nhira: Of No Panties & Failed Acting Careers

It is important to note that Anne is currently residing in South Africa after leaving Studio 263 about a decade ago.

Social media is currently a war zone as Zimbabwe has been torn into two in a war of opinions all revolving around the rapidly rising South African entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu. The storm was brewed by one Anne Nhira whose is a role in the long forgotten soapie Studio 263 which aired on ZBC TV several years ago. Anne apparently sent a letter to the government seeking the barring of Zodwa from performing at the Big Time Harare International Carnival Street Party.  Anne cited Zodwa’s dressing style which apparently includes ‘not wearing panties’ as her one reasons!


This issue had been going back and forth with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss Karikoga Kaseke adding his voice by saying that Zodwa would only perform if she wears her underwear. Some days later, a couple of publications reported that the ZTA had retracted its statement and apologised to the South African entertainer. However, in a plot twist, Anne Nhira petitioned the government to stop Zodwa from performing and according to the picture of a Ministry of Tourism letter circulating on social media, her wish was granted.

Some of the revealing outfits the Samba dancers wore during the last Harare Carnival

The uproar created by all this stems from the fact that Zodwa has performed in Zimbabwe before, in Bulawayo, a few weeks ago. Another point of arguement posed by some people in the social media sphere is that of hypocrisy by the Carnival organisers. The exotic carnival dancers from Brazil whose presence at the carnival is ever growing, cover themselves up in bedazzled patches over their nipples and thongs that only cover the essentials during the street party. If the authorities can accept the Brazilians to strut their stuff in the streets of Harare, why shouldn’t Zodwa perform?

Anne Nhira was going on about morality and the need to promote local talent. The Carnival is an international event with acts from all over the world and a South African performer has all the right to perform.  Where has Anne been all this time when the Samba dancers were coming to perform?  It is important to note that Anne is currently residing in South Africa after leaving Studio 263 about a decade ago. Is this a stunt to resuscitate a career based on past glory? Maybe she is turning to the dancing sector and she wants to kill off the competition.

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