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Cape Town Creative Companies Collaborate to Conquer the Continent


Multi-disciplined design and marketing agency, North, will collaborate with film facilitation firm, Robot on certain projects to expand their offerings both locally and throughout Africa.

The decision came after the two companies teamed up to create the highly successful Labelwise campaign, which aimed to educate South Africans on the value of purchasing sustainable products. Conceptualised by North, the unconventional campaign comprised a series of short, humorous, yet impactful ads produced by Robot. These were shown on a variety of online platforms, social media and TV. In addition, posters capturing the quirkiness and key messages of the ads were produced by North and popped up on lampposts in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

North Co-founder and Creative Director, Mike Bond, shares: “We had a great experience working with Robot and felt their African experience and expertise in the production of brand films, commercials and music videos, coupled with North’s aesthetic principles and years of advertising industry exposure, make for a formidable combination.”

Liam Johnson, Owner of and Executive Producer at Robot, adds: “We’re really excited about our collaboration with North. We complement each other in company ethos and skill sets, working incredibly well together, while also being able to operate autonomously.”

The pairing has been further facilitated by North moving into new premises just off Kloof Street, Cape Town’s epicentre of cool. “In addition to Robot being just upstairs, we believe that our new home will make us more visible and attract the right kind of foot traffic. Plus, it will give us exposure to the Kloof Street culture – whatever it may be this week – that feeds our creativity,” says Bond.

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