Klein Karoo Route. Image Credit: belafrique.com

The Entry: Hand Of God

"Africa! Africa!! My home, my land a wonderful gorgeous living creation!"

An Entry submission by Meganne Chapfika.

I walk amongst the green grass of Kachasu, admiring the hills in the distance. Birds of the air chirping, “music to my ears!” Soft raindrops begin to hit the ground like a drum beat (conga). Trees swerving side to side in a dance like motion performing for its audience “me”. I applause in awe and I start to sing producing an authentic African song!

I keep moving down the hill towards the compound as the sunset of the southern blue skies turn into an orange like canvas. A picture starts to form like a huge painting. The once dancing trees are still as their shadows fall across the imaginary painting. The bright beautiful flowers spread far and wide like a multicoloured never ending sized bed.  Surely can this be the hand of God?

Almost reaching the bottom of the hill, the ever changing skies turn to a dark blue. The stars positioned uniquely like diamonds and the silence of the night speaks only to me, a language that only those who listen with their hearts can understand!

Africa! Africa!! My home, my land a wonderful gorgeous living creation!  A living artwork, uniquely designed landscapes and skies. Can this be the hand of God?

As my head hits the light feathered pillow, I drift into dreamland. I walk a narrow path that leads into a dark cave, I see a river and with some unseen forces, am taken underneath. An escort awaits me and in a somewhat unspoken language, I understand him as I follow him. Welcomed by an elderly man  I am given a cup of refreshing sweet water. I am taken on a tour, shown rivers that flow side by side in fours and across each other, nothing I have witnessed before. Trees that speak and mountains that seem to hang in mid-air. I am amazed by what I see!  Surely this is the hand of God!


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