WATCH: Poetry On Humanizing Women In A Modern Africa

WATCH: Poetry on Humanizing Women in a Modern Africa

Because Women Are Human.

Every year on the 8th of March, the world marks International Women’s Day. Under the global theme ‘Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!’ in 2o15 the British Council  asked five young, female poets from different African countries to voice their opinions on women’s issues in modern Africa. Liza Kamikazi from Rwanda, Lily Banda from Malawi,Poetra Asantemwaa from Ghana, Donna Obaseki Ogunnaike from Nigeria and Peggie Shangwa (Umind!?)Zimbabwe.

 “Get an education but not too much, just enough to hold a conversation…fight for the rights you are allowed to have.”

The video questions Culturally endorsed stereotypes across the continent; highlighting subjects of Child Marriage, Education, Abuse and Persecution of Women.

“Women in power and women and Women in pain… Arise!”


The young women who are all part of  diverse African societies powerfully articulated messages we still need to hear today. Yes, this Artistic form of expression of voices across the continent is a necessary reminder that there is much to be done towards actively humanizing the plights of the modern African Woman because…

“Women are Human”


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